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1. BCIS: "The Next Chapter" Fundraising Campaign

BCIS is pleased to announce the launch of our new BCIS: “The Next Chapter” Fundraising Campaign. As BCIS has seen rapid growth over the past couple years, we are very excited to announce an initial 5 year plan to purchase new land and then build an entire new school with state of the art facilities and adequate space to provide the best and most innovative educational experience possible for your children.

We are extremely excited about this plan, and we ask for your prayers and support as we move forward with this exciting growth and development. Obviously such an extensive plan comes with a very high financial obligation. We welcome any generous gift from anyone who would like to support this very exciting project. We hope you can join with us as we embark on this new chapter of BCIS.



Account Name: Bangkok Christian International School Krung Thai Bank, Pattanakarn 17 Branch. Account Number: 064-0-14860-3
(Please sent the transaction slip to , for receipt and tax deduction)

2. Pastor and Missionary Scholarship Fund

There are over 50 pastor and missionary families that BCIS helps to support each year. We understand how important it is for the parents to be able to serve the Lord and not worry about how their children will be able to go to school and receive a proper education and lie skills and spiritual training. This generous amount of scholarship output by BCIS each year obviously comes at a cost. We would very much welcome anyone who would feel led to donate and help support these missionary and pastor's children to have a high quality yet affordable Christian education. Please help us invest in the future of these children. Please contact school office for more information.

3. Tuition Sponsorship Fund

Occasionally teachers or parents will observe a student of outstanding character with extraordinary skills in either academics, sports, music, etc. These students are also often a great inspiration and a wonderful example for the rest of the school community and a great boost to the school's reputation. The school in this case would like to offer those students scholarships when possible and often parents are asking how they can support in this way as well. So we would welcome and be very grateful for any parent or other who wishes to support such students with a kind donation of any kind or even with a special tuition supplement as some parents have done in the past. If you feel so inclined or led to participate in such a donation or program, we would love to have you on board.

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