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Kindergarten School

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The Kindergarten School program provides an environment that lets the child feels accepted, loved, happy, confident and part of the classroom community. The program places a strong emphasis on developing a love for learning through various activities. We offer developmentally appropriate practices where children are taught the way they learn. Children learn through songs, choice play, hands-on activities, discovery, peer and group activities. We offer multiple ways for children to express their individuality and preferences through painting, drama, storytelling, songs or dance, and through different physical activities.

     Our core structure is strongly influenced by the Creative Curriculum.

Our program focuses on the important areas of development and learning such as Social-Emotional, Language, Literacy, Spiritual, Cognitive, Physical, Mathematics, Science and Technology, Social Studies, The Arts and English language acquisition. The core structure is strongly influenced by the Creative Curriculum. It provides child-initiated learning where children develop their process skills through their engagement with hands-on activities which occur both within and beyond the classroom. Teacher-guided learning is also provided in Math, Science, and Literacy. We want to ensure that our students are well prepared for First Grade.

We celebrate the wonder of God’s providence in nurturing our students with essential Christian values. Students are encouraged to love and be kind to one another in the same way God has shown His great love towards all mankind.

It is vital to provide our students with a solid foundation that will allow them to become great achievers in the future.

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