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The High School Department promotes the BCIS vision of “raising godly leaders of Christian integrity and values who positively impact all aspects of society for the glory of God” through academic, extracurricular, and spiritual programs that embody the highest and most excellent standards of quality.

Every student is endowed with gifts and potential that need to be honed and realized. Full understanding of oneself and acknowledging God as the ultimate Source of every perfect gift are vital in unraveling these endowments. The High School Department provides avenues for enhancing students’ skills in leadership, character, excellence in the Academics and the Arts competence in sports and athletics, environmental awareness, and commitment to Christian service embodied by godly values and Christian character.

The holistic formation of students in becoming productive citizens is not limited to the four corners of the classroom but in-campus and off-campus co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are integrated into the curriculum. Furthermore, the student exchange program each year provides some students an opportunity to learn about and appreciate other cultures and ways of life. Community outreach programs develop among students the value of social accountability, cognizance of social realities, and service for the least among us.

Excellent sports amenities are provided to refine the students’ athletic abilities, focus on exhibiting sportsmanship and fair play at all times, develop their passion for sports and physical fitness, and excel in competitions. Students are also exposed to different contests in Mathematics, Music and the Arts, and other fields as an inherent part of the academic training afforded to them. Students are also challenged by AP and AB courses which will prepare them for university level studies and experiences.

Moreover, courses are offered to develop students physically, mentally, socially, emotionally, and spiritually through the quality Christian education on offer in all subject areas. Most of all, we offer an environment where an individual is being appreciated, loved and cared for regardless of his or her cultural background and social orientation.

In the midst of cultural diversity, the HS Department has one goal and heart- that is to develop the students to aim for excellence in all things they do and to strive to help them become God-fearing world citizens prepared for leadership and success in all fields.

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