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   In December of 1995, the Korean Missionary Fellowship (KMF) in Thailand began to ponder and discuss the need for a new school in Thailand. By February of 1996 the members of the Korean Missionary Fellowship in Thailand made a concrete decision to establish a new school in Bangkok. By July of 1996 the 1st major meeting was held where it was decided that the new school would be centered around core Christian values and beliefs while at the same time being international in scope. The initial goal was to meet the educational needs of Thai and Korean missionary and pastors’ children in a true Christian environment that provided quality education at an affordable cost. Later the vision was broadened to include any member of the global community who desired a quality and affordable Christian as well as international education.

   In December of 1996, missionary Un Kil Jung was appointed as the Deputy Principal of the newly planned school. Later in the same month, various meetings were held with prospective parents interested in a possible new Christian international school in Bangkok. By February of 1997 it was decided that the target date for the grand opening of the new school would be August of that same year. Missionary Un Kil Jung was currently recruiting teachers at the time this decision was made. In June of 1997 it was decided that classroom space would be rented out from an existing Thai government school.

   On August 22, 1997, Bangkok Christian International School officially came into existence with its opening ceremony taking place on this day. BCIS was founded under the direction of Missionary Un Kil Jung. Teachers and staff were officially introduced along with BCIS’ first 34 students. BCIS has grown from a school of just 34 students, catering mainly to the needs of the Christian missionary community into a rapidly expanding multi-cultural international school of almost three hundred students and fully qualified staff representing between them nearly twenty different countries.

  BCIS is governed by the Bangkok Christian International School Foundation (a Non-Profit Organization) to ensure that BCIS is able to provide an affordable, quality international education for missionaries, pastors, government officers and all of our families. BCIS has now grown into a vibrant school of 425 students from more than eleven different countries with 50 teachers and 20 additional staff members from all around the globe working together to provide a high quality and effective Christian education for our children who are the future of the next generation of leaders and world changers.

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