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Visual Arts

In Kindergarten School art, students use a wide range of materials such as paint, clay, fiber, and papier-mâché to explore their creativity. With each project, students learn about basic concepts including form, scale, and color.

In Elementary School art, students build on their previous study and learn to express themselves through mediums such as cloth, collage, paper, sketching, oil pastel, acrylic paint, and a wide variety of additional art forms. By studying a diverse body of artistic work, students explore a range of themes and techniques that they then use in their own original work.

When they reach High School, students may choose art classes that best suit their creative interests and talents. Visual arts in High School include drawing, painting, ceramics, digital art, and both wet darkroom and digital photography. Students can take a variety of foundational classes or follow a particular discipline through sequenced course offerings for intermediate or advanced study.

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