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Athletics and Sports Activities

Bangkok Christian International School is a well-established member of the Thailand International Schools Activities Conference (TISAC). The purpose of TISAC is to provide participating schools with an opportunity to compete in a broad and balanced inter-school athletics and cultural activities programs that are an integral part of their educational experience. Win or lose, the TISAC participating schools encourage students to demonstrate a winning effort, exhibit sportsmanship and actively show respect for all. This membership allows our school to compete in a wide range of sporting events and cultural activities with international schools across Bangkok, Thailand. Participation in TISAC events is open to students from Grades 1 to Grade 12.

We enjoy our sports at BCIS but we also take them seriously. We are proud of our highly qualified coaching staff. We love sports and athletics and so do our learners. We desire our students to be well-rounded and fit individuals who have the opportunity to grow and develop both physically, academically, emotionally, and socially. We are very proud to have achieved many great accomplishments in our sporting programs throughout the years as a member of TISAC.

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