Exchange Program

BCIS is very pleased to enjoy a very wonderful partnership in the form of an overseas student exchange program with Christian Heritage School in Turnbull, Connecticut.  Every year for the past 5 plus years BCIS has sent an average of four to six students to the US to study at an American private school.  They in turn send an average of four to six students to study with us annually as well.  In addition to studying in an American school in the US for approximately six weeks, students also have an opportunity to have many amazing and enriching cultural and learning experiences by visiting and exploring places such as New York city, viewing a Broadway play, touring Yale University, going whale watching of the coast of Massachusetts, and much more.  The principal of Christian Heritage School has repeatedly shared that our BCIS students have succeeded and thrived in a real American school environment and in many cases have excelled beyond expectations.  We do hope that your children can also take advantage of this very special annual student exchange program.  It promises to be an experience of a lifetime!.